Thursday, February 11, 2010

Becky's Challenge 2 LO

I really struggled with what to do for this one. The whole having to have the number 5 in a photo really threw me. The idea I eventually went with came about because I thought I would take a photo of the DVD cover of one of our favourite TV shows - season 5, but when I got it out it was spelled out instead of the number so I decided to search for something else to fit my idea and came up with playing cards. I was sooo relieved.

Heart of the Matter - A Digiridoo Scraps Collab
Fonts - Pea Olson, Pea Sarahloo, Angelina, Problem Secretary
Both Jane and I kind of went in the same direction, without even knowing. Right down to using love based mega kits from different stores!!
Can't wait for challenge #3! How are you guys all going with the challenges?

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